A brand new chapter; Wolf &Co is a brand born out of a passion for crafting luxury New Zealand made, upholstered furniture, and a devotion to design and collaboration. A meeting of minds between Interior designer and Wolf & Co. A concept conceived by Conan Philp; owner and successor of New Zealand’s long-standing furniture manufacturer, EJP.

A business well known and loved throughout New Zealand and Australia, formed in the 1970’s by Conan’s father, Evan. EJP has carved an incredible reputation and is one of the many reasons they have grown in a market cluttered with competition from furniture importers.


EJP’s growth was credit not only to great leadership, but to a loyal and diverse customer base, who couldn’t beat EJP’s quality, precision and craftmanship.

Keeping this unique craft alive and well in New Zealand, the business has flourished by investing, when others chose to cut back. EJP’s belief and true passion for the art of crafting beautiful furniture, the incredible skill of their people and together, their shared drive to bring quality furniture into New Zealand homes, hotels, offices and event spaces, has seen them work alongside many well-known names to give New Zealanders a better choice.

Their quality craftmanship is supported by the use of sustainable and local materials, new and innovative technologies and tools and finished with exotic fabrics and finishing’s sourced from around the globe.


Today the business wholesale manufactures for New Zealand in New Zealand, and for Australia in Australia.