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Wolf & Co is a brand born out of our devotion to crafting the finest New Zealand made, upholstered furniture.

Exclusively for wholesale.

Pure luxury.


THE WOLF; known for its intelligence and ability to form meaningful and long-lasting bonds; the very same way we do with New Zealand’s most noted and admired designers.

& CO. brings focus to the way we work shoulder to shoulder with New Zealand’s designers to bring their ideas and visions to life. With a unique merging of traditional craftsmanship underpinned by world class tools, technology and fabrics – a masterpiece is created every time. 

There is an added strength to our offering that goes beyond creating something that looks incredible. Its long lasting, hand crafted and made to unrivalled precision, to ensure it is designed and engineered from the inside out. It is our intrinsic respect for design that drives us to ply care into each and every corner, curve and detail of your furniture.




World-class manufacture

Our studio; a mecca of elegance and design while overlooking our hub of precision, passion and pride.


Customisation and control

Our true and unique collaboration service allows us to work alongside New Zealand’s most noted designers to handcraft furniture that they can be proud of.


Premium craftmanship

Our people, their expertise; armed with world class tools, technology and fabric create truly exquisite furniture.

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