Managing Director

Having grown up surrounded by beautifully crafted furniture from his father’s business, it was no surprise the passion for incredible New Zealand made furniture continued with him. 

At the helm of EJP New Zealand, Conan sits across all brands and leads the business. He takes a vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development. He intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organisation, brings them together into a coherent whole, helps others extend their thinking, and drives material business advantage. A truly  inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action. A driving force behind the team, backed by a passion for crafting supreme quality New Zealand furniture 




Director and Finance and Accounting lead; Charleen is a business woman with heart, drive and an uncanny nous for numbers. Originating from Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa and having studied and worked in London, Charleen made the move to NZ. 


Joining EJP in 2013 she has played a key role in navigating the ever competitive landscape of the New Zealand furniture business. “To compete with the ever-growing imported furniture, you can imagine margins in this business are slim, volume is key and margin for error is virtually zero. And that’s what I love about it.” Charleen’s role demands a fine balance between financial and operational smarts teamed with multidimensional strategic management. 



Lead furniture maker
& master upholsterer

No stranger to the furniture industry, Nick is the founder of QDF furniture, a long standing, well-loved brand and New Zealand’s original custom designed furniture company. Nick sold the business to us in order to further expand what he, and EJP owner, Conan believe in; handcrafted furniture that offers a designer look. 


Nick leads a team of highly-skilled craftsmen and upholsters, ensuring our custom-made pieces are finished with contemporary styling, quality materials and at a reasonable price point. With a long career in the furniture-making business, and with an emphasis on personal service, Nick and his team take each project from concept through to completion. 



Lead furniture maker
& master upholsterer

Pete is Nick’s right hand man and also joined us from QDF. Pete is a Master Upholsterer and furniture maker; his deep appreciation for the process of working with properly tuned tools for the chosen material underpins his work ethic. With an incredible attention to detail and a passion for crafting interesting, elegant, strong and smart furniture sets his work ahead of the best. 



Sales Manager

Our Sales Lead and interiors specialist; Lauren is no stranger to the world of interior design and with a wealth of both sales and marketing skills and experience under her belt, she is well placed to support our client base throughout the sales and manufacture process with their customers. 

From concept to completion, she is key contact for any product advice. Her eye for design, makes her an asset for advice and guidance in interior look and feel and really building the experience the designer is after. Her training in graphic design allows her to lend her skills to assisting with look book development and leads our own social media and marketing efforts. 



CAD Technician

Sri is vital to our team – without him, we would have no products! Sri’s ability to create high-quality toolpaths of our patterns, enabling our frames to be cut with precision by our CNC machine and accurately assembled. In addition, Sri quickly and seamlessly prototypes all of our new products and advises the team on how best to translate them from the screen into real life beautiful pieces. 



Lead Seamstress

Karen has an incredible eye for detail, her work ethic and dedication to the Wolf & Co team means each and every item passing Karen’s ‘desk’ is considered a work of art. Working daily to ensure upholstering never fails over a missed stitch. Her work is meticulous, her pride in her work shows through in each and every piece she crafts.